Photo credit: Max Bottomley

The Student Cup is the highlight of the UK Student Paintball Network’s calendar.  Held annually, often in early Spring, it provides a competition that the teams can work towards, which is a big plus for working with some Students’ Unions.

The event is hosted by the excellent team at CPPS who manage to produce an incredible event.  In 2016, we saw the event grow to a phenomenal 16 teams spread across the two divisions (Bachelors and Masters).


Photo credit: Axon Photography

With the event itself firmly in Ainsley’s control (and he is, by far, the best person to organise such a tournament), the Board are largely freed up to become the additional staff that can handle things that normally tournaments wouldn’t deal with.  That includes running a kit exchange to enable to teams who have not been able to arrange markers, air systems, etc for their players to borrow kit from the exchange for the event.

As several teams have proved over the years, you don’t need to be good at tournament paintball to do well at Student Cup.  Teams whose members have played together once or twice before the Cup have arrived at Cup with no markers and in a pretty bad shape and then achieved well above their expectations.

Every year we take the feedback from the Student Cup event and feed it back into the event planning discussions we have.  This, in turn, allows us to take the event to new heights every year and we’re always keen to hear your thoughts and ideas.