13458515_1706306402955538_8503773795485251140_oThe Student Paintball Network is the brainchild of Jim Graham who recognised the need for a way to bring together student teams of paintballers and enable them to share ideas on how to approach student unions, work with retailers to get the best deals on kit, and generally improve the fragmented environment that the clubs and societies at universities across the country were experiencing.  As part of this work Jim started to work with Ainsley Baddeley who had recently taken on the Central Premier Paintball Series (CPPS) near Birmingham to create a student paintball competition that was a fun and friendly experience, but at the same time having that competitive edge.  From its humble roots in early 2010, the Student Paintball movement has grown to encompass over 500 players, across several generations of students, spread from the North of Scotland down to the Southernmost tip of England, and from West Wales to East Anglia.

1146120_10153496896927547_2959276289381326222_oThe Student Paintball Board, a team of nine dedicated, motivated volunteers keep the Student Paintball Network alive – working with clubs and societies in their region and helping them talk to their Students’ Unions, develop their skills and mentor their ever-changing committees.  Despite having the name “the board”, we’re not into formal meetings except when necessary.  For starters, we’re geographically spread across the country.  All of these people are working with the community for the love of the sport.  To get in touch with our board members, please see the contact information on our page all about the board.